Challenges of getting home care for seniors in Halton

March, 2023
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There are several challenges associated with getting home care for seniors in the region of Halton which applies to the rest of the province of Ontario. Below are some of the most significant ones:

  • Long Wait times: There can be long wait times to access home care services in Halton (Oakville, Burlington and Milton Area), particularly for non-urgent or non-emergency situations. This can be frustrating for individuals and families who need support right away. Long wait time for receiving home care services by seniors results in delayed care and reduced quality of life.
  • Limited Availability: The demand for home care services in Halton in the province of Ontario is growing rapidly due to an aging population, which has led to a shortage of qualified caregivers and limited availability of home care services in some areas which are not connected via public transportation. Most caregivers prefer to travel via public transportation, and the availability of home care services is limited in rural areas or newly built areas in the Halton region.
  • Language and Cultural Barriers: According to the 2021 Census, 30% of Halton (Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Halton Hills) region had a mother tongue other than English and French. Seniors of different cultures live in the Halton region and might hesitate to get home care from a provider who doesn't understand their language and culture.
  • Cost: Home care services in Canada can be expensive, and provincial services might cover only a limited number of services. Although some services may be partially covered by government healthcare programs, such as the publicly-funded home care program in Ontario, there are still significant out-of-pocket expenses that can be a barrier to access. The private homecare providers charge an exorbitant price.
  • Complexity: The home care system in Canada can be complex, with varying levels of government involvement and a range of different providers and services available. This complexity can make it difficult for seniors and their families to navigate the system and access the necessary care.
  • Inadequate staffing: Many home care providers in Ontario face challenges in recruiting and retaining qualified staff, leading to high turnover rates and inconsistent care for seniors.
  • Transportation: Some seniors may face challenges in accessing home care services due to limited transportation options or mobility issues, making it difficult to attend appointments or receive care at home.
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We understand that overall, while home care can be an important and beneficial option for seniors in the Halton region, several challenges can make it difficult for them to access the care they need. At CareReq our goal is the make home care accessible to seniors for the residents of the Halton region. We understand the challenges which are faced by seniors in accessing home care services and we are working towards removing the barriers which will impact the quality of life for seniors in the region.