Signs of Dementia

September, 2021
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Dementia is more common as people grow old more than 25% of individuals who are of age 85 or more have some signs of dementia. Dementia is not the normal part of aging and some individuals who are approaching the age of 90 might not have any symptoms of dementia. It is important that the dementia is detected earlier for your loved ones so that you find the right home care for your loved ones. Right home care assistance can help you navigate your challenges. Below are some of the early signs of dementia

Memory Loss

It is quite normal to forget appointments or where you have kept your car keys. The person with dementia forgets things more often and has trouble remembering recently learned information. The person might require home care support in order to complete his daily activities and reminders for daily medications.

Communication Issues

The person with dementia will have trouble expressing his thoughts and will not be able to communicate effectively with family and friends. Individuals with mild symptoms of dementia will forget words in the middle of a sentence and will try hard to find a substitute of the word in order to complete the sentence. Individuals will forget the name of a close family member or friend in the middle of the conversation

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Impaired Judgement

An individual will make decisions which can harm them over the period of time. Some of the common activities which fall under this category include stop taking important medication, avoid seeing a doctor for a long period even when not feeling well, wearing clothes which are inappropriate for the weather e.g. wearing light clothes when the temperature is below freezing.

Mood swings and personality changes

The person with dementia will have constant mood swings for no apparent reason. Within a short span of time an individual will be sad, angry and happy without any reason. You might also observe a change in personality in an individual. The individual might become quiet and withdrawn. Some individuals get angry quite often for small reasons. A support worker who is properly trained will be able to understand the root cause. The right support worker will be able to support and provide home care for your loved ones when they are having emotional issues due to dementia.


An individual with dementia might lose the sense of time and location. He might get lost in his own neighborhood, without remembering the right direction back to his home. He might even forget the purpose because of which he might have left his home. Requesting home care for your loved one who is suffering from dementia will help them to go out securely and enjoy small things which can make a great difference in their overall health. A good home care assistance enhances the living conditions and provides support and meaning to life via companionship.