Causes of Anger in Aging Adults

December, 2020
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As an adult, it might be very upsetting to see your parents or elder family member angry and acting out. You might think that the temper tantrums are done by the kids but that is not completely true. The reason a person is angry can be due to multiple reasons. When the inner balance of an individual is disturbed due to internal or external factors, it can lead to anger outburst. The factors which impact seniors can have emotional impact which can make them angry.

Below are some of the common reasons for anger outbursts in Adults.


Anger outburst is due to anxiety and stress faced by seniors. Seniors can get anxious due to many reasons like worsening of the health condition or finding out about a new health condition. Financial state of seniors can also lead to anxiety and stress.

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Physical pain

Seniors are sometimes angry due to physical discomfort due to the unforgettable clothing or health device. Sometimes seniors suffer from urinary tract infection (UTI) which can lead to anger outburst. Side effects of medications can also lead to physical discomfort. If there was a change in dose or a new medication was prescribed, a senior family member might experience side effects due to this change and might express the discomfort in the form of anger while communicating with you.

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Loneliness & Depression

When you age or have a physical condition it makes it harder to stay in touch with your family and friends. When the seniors are disconnected from the people for a long time it can lead to resentment. Anger is just the channel by which a senior family member is expressing their resentment.


Outbursts are common with different kinds of dementia and you might see it throughout different stages of dementia. Seniors with dementia have confusion, have a hard time remembering basic information. It is a good step to consult a doctor to talk about the symptoms. It is also very important to maintain the right schedule for the medication to avoid any side effects of missed dosage.

Communication Challenges

Your loved one might be living alone for a long time and quite independently. This might have worked when they are in good health. When their situation changes it might require them to depend on support workers to provide home care and help to communicate with the family and friends on a regular basis. Support workers can help seniors to stay in touch with loved ones who will have difficulty using electronic devices or unable to join the following audio or video calls due to progress in dementia.

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Sometimes it is very challenging to take care of loved ones. You might get worned out due to the behavior of your loved ones. You might see change in behavior or new behavior while doing your best to provide the best possible care. You might feel hurt by their emotional immaturity or their lack of empathy towards you. Luckily you can request personal care support via CareReq. On average families save around 30 percent on personal care costs for seniors when they use CareReq to request personal care service.