Challenges of getting home care for seniors in Halton

Home Care Halton region
March, 2023

There are several challenges associated with getting home care for seniors in the region of Halton which applies to the rest of the province of Ontario. Below are some of the most significant ones

Advantages for home care in reducing stress in seniors

How Home Care Services Can Help You or Your Loved Ones
March, 2023

Home care can significantly reduce stress for seniors who may experience various stressors related to health problems, loss of independence, financial worries, social isolation, changes in living situations, caregiver stress, and fear of death. With home care, seniors can receive tailored care in a familiar environment, benefit from flexible scheduling, and avoid the risk of infection. Home care providers can also offer services such as medication management, fall prevention, chronic condition management, companionship, healthy habit encouragement, and support for caregivers.

How Home Care Services Can Help You or Your Loved Ones

How Home Care Services Can Help You or Your Loved Ones
February, 2023

Aging is a natural and inevitable process that happens to everyone over time. As we age, our bodies undergo various physical, physiological, and cognitive changes. Despite these changes, it's important to note that aging doesn't necessarily mean a decrease in quality of life. Many older adults maintain their physical and cognitive abilities and continue to enjoy a full and active life with the right support and care.

Average Monthly Cost of Retirement Home

Cost of Retirement Home
August, 2022

According to the CMHC survey the average rent of the standard space in the retirement home increased by 3.9% to $3,999 in the province of Ontario. The cost of a retirement community will vary depending on the level of care required and the location of the community.

Recommended Immunizations for Canada's Seniors

immunization senior image
July, 2022

Immunizations help senior adults to stay healthy. The protection for certain immunization vaccines is for a short duration and seniors would require booster doses in order to maintain the protection against the infection. The immune system gets weaker with age and it becomes difficult to fight off certain diseases without proper immunization. Seniors are at high risk for some of the diseases. 45,000 adults die annually from vaccine preventable disease in Canada and the United states. Vaccine schedule will help to maintain the regular immunization against the diseases. It is the first step towards healthy relationships with the family and oneself when getting older. Health care is important for seniors and vaccination can help in maintaining the same standard of healthy living.

Fun word games for seniors

games image
June, 2022

Word games are a fantastic way to stimulate the brain to keep it active for seniors and kids with special needs. Stimulating your brain by playing word games is a great way to reduce stress, learn and improve your vocabulary. Playing word games can improve your mood and help your bond with other people and improve your social skills. Below are 3 word games which you can play to jog your memory.

How much does home care cost?

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May, 2022

Senior Ontarians want to live most of the years of their life in the home where they spent most of their life. Seniors need affordable home care options in order to get support with daily living activities. Seniors living in assisted living facilities also need senior care in order to live their life independently. There are multiple home care options which are available for seniors to live their life comfortably and independently. Seniors need access to home care to recuperate after a surgery or hospital visit in an environment in which is familiar to them and makes them. Readily available home care options are essential for the hospitals to provide health care support to the community. There are two major ways to get home care options for.

Causes of Anger in Aging Adults

Causes of anger image
April, 2022

As an adult, it might be very upsetting to see your parents or elder family member angry and acting out. You might think that the temper tantrums are done by the kids but that is not completely true. The reason a person is angry can be due to multiple reasons. When the inner balance of an individual is disturbed due to internal or external factors, it can lead to anger outburst. The factors which impact seniors can have emotional impact which can make them angry.

Signs of Dementia

Signs of dementia image
March, 2022

Dementia is more common as people grow old more than 25% of individuals who are of age 85 or more have some signs of dementia. Dementia is not the normal part of aging and some individuals who are approaching the age of 90 might not have any symptoms of dementia. It is important that the dementia is detected earlier for your loved ones so that you find the right home care for your loved ones. Right home care assistance can help you navigate your challenges. Below are some of the early signs of dementia.

Home care cost for parents in Ontario

Home care cost for parent
February, 2022

Seniors in Ontario might be eligible to receive government funded home care support via LHIN. However the support you might receive from LHIN might not be sufficient to provide the support you are looking for your parents. In certain circumstances, you might not even qualify for government funded support or there is a long wait to receive the support you are seeking.

Talking about home care support with your parent

Talking about home care support with your parent
January, 2022

You know it is time for one of your parents to get home care support when they have difficulty in completing their normal daily living activities like getting dressed and taking shower. You are uncomfortable in having this discussion with your parents as they believe no help is required for them. You need to have patience when approaching the conversation with your loved one.

Home care after fall accident for seniors

Home care after fall accident for seniors
December, 2021

With a growing age the fall becomes serious. The fall injuries remain the leading cause of hospital admissions for seniors in Canada. Around 20% to 30% of seniors are likely to have a fall accident in a year. Fall can be one of the leading causes for hip fracture. Falls are also a catalyst to transition to home care support on a regular basis. Below are some of the precautions required after the fall to avoid any further fall incidents. The goal is to identify and reduce the risk factors which led to first occurrence of the fall. Taking below steps will help reduce the chances of multiple number of falls in future.

In Home Care For Dementia

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November, 2021

According to the Alzheimer Society of Canada and the Canadian government, there are over 400,000 Canadian seniors living with dementia. If you have a loved one who's dealing with memory loss, you're not alone (and neither are they). Living with various types of dementia isn't easy. Seniors who aren't yet ready to move into senior care facilities are going to face some challenges as they progress through and beyond the early stages of dementia. Home care can help. We're here to talk all about home care for dementia so you can make an informed decision about what's right for your loved one. Read on to learn more.