How much does home care cost?

April, 2022
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Senior Ontarians want to live most of the years of their life in the home where they spent most of their life. Seniors need affordable home care options in order to get support with daily living activities. Seniors living in assisted living facilities also need senior care in order to live their life independently. There are multiple home care options which are available for seniors to live their life comfortably and independently. Seniors need access to home care to recuperate after a surgery or hospital visit in an environment in which is familiar to them and makes them. Readily available home care options are essential for the hospitals to provide health care support to the community. There are two major ways to get home care options for.

Government funded home care option

In Ontario, publicly funded care is provided by the government agency Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC). MOHLTC oversees the health care system and the local health services including senior care to residents of ontario.

Seniors might be eligible for the home care service provided by OHIP. Care coordinator or Case manager will determine the eligibility for the senior.The case manager will first visit the home or retirement community to determine the type and level of care for which the senior resident is qualified. Once the case officer determines the eligibility for the senior care services, the eligible seniors will be provided home care via one of the vendor home care agencies which have been approved to provide home care and community services.

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Family funded home care option

The publicly funded home care services are burdened due to high demand for the services. Even when the seniors are qualified to receive home care services there might be wait times to receive home care services. The total number of hours which might be approved by the case manager might not be sufficient to cover for home care services required by the senior family member.

The family of seniors supplements the publicly funded home care services with private funded home care. This provided the much needed break to the family member taking care of the senior. Home care costs in Ontario vary by region and how you are requesting home support for the senior family member. The home care agency will charge between 25 to 40 dollars hourly rate. Families also have an option to hire a private caregiver. When hiring an individual private caregiver you assume a role of employer and are responsible for benefits, payroll taxes of the private caregiver.

CareReq provides an option to get the personal support for your family without the need to employ a person on full time or part time basis. We vet all of our support workers to make sure that families receive the best support possible for their loved ones. The personal support workers are professionally trained to provide support in following services.

  • Bathing and Grooming
  • Getting dressed
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping and laundry
  • Companionship
  • Medical reminders

The cost of home care in Ontario is significant for families. CareReq's goal is to make home care support accessible to families. The average cost to request home care for support workers is between 20 to 24 dollars per hour. You can create your own care plan based on your needs on CareReq. CareReq provides you with the flexibility to select the days of the week you need support. Families can select different times for the days they requested.

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Tax benefits

You can claim the tax reduction for the support services like personal care, nursing care, meal preparation or other home care activities. The medical expense tax credit (METC) is a non refundable tax credit which means that you will be able to reduce the total amount of the tax which is owed.

In addition to this you can claim the GST/HST exemption on the home care cost if the family member is getting the publicly funded home care support services.

If you think elderly member of your family needs support on a regular basis with daily living activities like meal preparation, bathing, grooming or companionship feel free to reach out to CareReq. We will find a compassionate home care professional to provide support for your family who are specialized in Alzheimers and Dementia, personal care services, meal preparation and companionship.

At CareReq we are happy to answer any questions if you want to understand if home care is a good option for your family. We will go over all the benefits and the cost associated with the home care services for your needs. On average families save 30 percent on their home care cost when using CareReq for home care services.