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CareReq will find the best available home care assistance for you in your area, you can rely on CareReq as your trusted senior care partner. CareReq goal is to make home care accessible to elderly so we will work hard to find best personal support worker within your budget. CareReq uses technical capabilities to match right support worker for your home care needs. CareReq uses technology with human touch to find the right personal support for you in a shortest possible time.

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About Us

CareReq is making home care accessible to families and residences by making senior care assistance available in Peel(Brampton,Mississauga) & Halton(Oakville,Burlington) region. Our platform helps customers in placing the request within minutes. Customers have access to qualified support workers who can accept your request in few minutes. CareReq is a self serve platform for home care assistance which you can trust!

Making Home Care Accessible

As a care seeker, CareReq will help you place a request within seconds and get someone to support your client or your family member at your convenience. In addition we provide an option to select the rate you are comfortable with, a rate which meets your budget and urgency of the request.

Supporting Canadian Healthcare

CareReq with a market-driven approach will alleviate the pressure on the hospitals by providing access to home care support workers to discharged patients. This aligns with Home First philosophy which helps older adults return home with the necessary post-hospital supports to safely recover when their acute care hospital treatment is complete.

Personal support workers will be easily accessible to the patients, families and home care facilities to provide essential care after coming home from the hospital.

How it Works

CareReq's mission is to make care accessible for everyone. With CareReq you can request personal support with a few simple steps online or via an app.

Placing a request

Placing a request with CareReq is really simple.

  1. You need to just provide the address and details of the care. Select the days and the time duration for each day when you need support.
  2. Once your request is placed, our care specialist will select the best support worker meeting your needs and criteria using CareReq technology platform.
  3. We will share the information of the selected support worker with you before the start of the service.
  4. The support worker will be available to provide support and care based on your selected day and time.


CareReq platform with its proprietary technology will be able to determine the hourly price of the request based on the multiple factors. The price range for the request is between 20 to 24 dollars per hour in the GTA area. You will not be charged when you place a request. You will be charged only after the service is complete and you are 100% satisfied. CareReq validates the credentials for all the clients.


If you don’t like the replacement for any reason, we will be able to cancel your service request.


Support Workers

Our advanced technology platform provides the flexibility to home care support workers to select multiple shifts based on their schedule. Home care support workers will have the ability to select the shifts and manage their own schedule.

Flexible Pricing

CareReq will be able to determine the best hourly rate of your request. CareReq can help you get the personal home care support with in day. We understand that your loved one with dementia,parkinson's disease or companionship need require home care support,so we don't to place undue financial burden on you by requiring minimum number of hours per week.

CareReq Guarantee

We have confidence in our vetting process and our technology behind the selection of the support worker that we guarantee that the support worker will be able to meet your expectations. If due to any reason you don’t like the selected support worker, we will find a replacement for your needs without any charge or hassle.

Reduce Cost and Inefficiency

Residential Facilities

With CareReq you can request personal support care for the duration you need from our network of 250 personal support workers. As a long term care residences you can reduce your operational cost.


The hospitals can work with home and community care support services to arrange for home care for the patients who are discharged from the hospital. This will reduce the


Families can reduce their home care cost by requesting home care for the duration for which they require for the family member.


CareReq strives to make Home Health Care accessible to everyone at an affordable budget. CareReq is changing the delivery of the families and clients living in the community. CareReq offers a full range of home care services like in-home personal care, specialized home care (Dementia, Alzheimer), homemaking, attendant home care (wounds) and palliative home care.

In Home Personal Care

Home Care support workers will meet the individual needs of your loved one’s so that they can stay in their own home or the place of their choice with maximum independence. Our trustworthy home care support workers are passionate to provide the best in person care to the loved ones with respect and strive to maintain the dignity of your loved ones.

Support workers take into account all the details in order to make day to day tasks of the loved one and the family members a breeze. Home Care support workers focus to make everyday a pleasant experience for everyone.

Specialized Home Care

Alzheimer Home Care

Caring for the loved one with Alzheimer is difficult. Providing home care for a loved family member with Alzheimer can be challenging when the loved one is having memory loss. Your family member might be having difficulty learning new things or remembering about the location and daily activities.

Matched personal support worker (PSW) is trained to work to take care of Alzheimer patients. Support workers on the platform understand the challenges facing your loved one with Alzheimer and will work with them to provide the best possible home care.

Dementia Home Care

Caring for Dementia for the loved ones at home can be challenging. Dementia can cause mood swings and changes to the loved ones personality. Our expert home care professional will help your loved ones to stay at home with proper home care and home support services.

Dementia can lead to communication problems, loss of smell and aroma, loss of interest in sounds connected to cherished memories can turn into noise with little or no meaning.

Personal support workers provide home care support to the loved ones in a respectful and caring manner while completely empathizing with the loved one. Personal support workers have the experience to calmly provide the care required and create a meaningful bond with the senior.

Senior Companionship

As seniors grow older they lose the connection with other people. Home care support workers will be able to form a bond with your loved one. Support workers can take the seniors for a walk, spend time with them, listen to them and make them feel connected. In addition to this, they are trained to help with bathing, grooming, toileting as well as light housekeeping and laundry.

Being the Caregiver can be tough, our support workers can provide you a respite while taking care of your family member while you run an errand or take a break.


Request home care

Can you place a recurring request?

You can conveniently place a request from the app or online using a few clicks. You can select the start and end date and the recurring weekdays for every week. CareReq is making requesting home care as simple as ordering a coffee with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

What if I don’t like the support worker?

We want you to be 100 % satisfied with the service. If you don’t like the support worker, we will replace the worker with whom you are comfortable with. We want your loved one to be comfortable.

Will there be multiple people who will be fulfilling my request or will it be the same person?

We understand the importance of connecting with the personal support worker and the formation of a bond between the care worker and loved ones. We strive to keep the single home care support worker assigned to the complete request. But, due to complexity due to the conflicting schedule we might have to assign two people to support if the request is recurring multiple days in week.

What is the price for the home care request?

CareReq is making home care accessible for everyone. We are striving to reduce the cost of home care by 30%. We determine the price of the request based on multiple factors. The price of the request is determined by the location, type of request, duration of the request and the availability of service providers in the region. Our pricing structure guarantees that you will receive the best service at an affordable price.

Can I cancel the request?

There is no long term contract. You can cancel the home care request anytime. If the service professional is not assigned to your request, you will not be charged any cancellation fees. If the home care service is cancelled after the acceptance there will be small cancellation fees upto the maximum of 200 dollars depending on the home care request.

How will I know when the request is accepted by the care professional?

Your recent request will be visible on the home page. When the care professional accepts your request your request status will be updated from pending to accepted. After the support worker has accepted, the care coordinator will be able to provide the details of the professional.

Can I add additional days on which I receive the service?

We understand life is dynamic and there are changes to personal schedule. You can request to add more days to the request.

Can I cancel the request if it is not accepted by the care professional?

Yes you can cancel the request. If the request is not accepted by the care professional, you will not be charged any cancellation fees.


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